Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Diwali / Deepawali

It has been 8 years since I’ve been at home for Diwali – the festival of Sweets & Fireworks (for me at least, others usually say festival of lights & sounds!).


Now, people may ask: “So how was this year’s Diwali like?” and I’ve one word for them: ‘Lackluster’! This word should rightly convey the message that I did not get to light any fireworks! They are quite rightly ‘banned’ in Nepal but this year (compared to 8 years ago) was ridiculous. I could only rarely hear fireworks exploding around me after sunset. Even at night, when all the rites / rituals / prayers (associated with the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi) were done with (around 8PM), I could hear only the sounds of a few ‘harmless’ crackers going off here and there and could see the lights of a few ‘flower pots’ blooming once in a while from my house’s roof. I did not see any aerial displays of fireworks during my stay on the roof for about half an hour. I really wanted to test out the ‘Fireworks’ mode of the cameraSad smile! Lastly, when I tried to sleep (after 10PM), I could actually sleep without the ‘sounds’ of Diwali’10 ‘piercing’ my ears!


Due to such a shortage of real fireworks, I had to make myself content with burning Camphor on a betel leaf in the ‘Aarti Plate’ shown in the picture above and the virtual fireworks of

Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~ Ep-03


  1. I am sure there must be ways of obtaining ammunition one desires provided one tries hard enough.....which is to be expected if the occasion is after a gap of 8 years!!!

  2. Indeed... The Keyphrases being: "tries hard enough" and "to be expected"!!! :)

  3. were the sweets enough?(this time fr the 8 previous years?)

  4. Yes... Definitely Yes!!! I'd lots of sweets in the first week thanks to my didi and since then, I've been receiving a respectable amount thanks to lots of relatives!

  5. Well you could always try out the fireworks mode on the 4th of july or new years ?

  6. Ya, I know... I guess I should 'try hard enough' on new year's day to at least 'test' the mode!