Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning New Tricks…

…on Olympus PEN E-PL1.

Here’s the ad which removes all doubt about buying one! Smile

Olympus PEN E-PL1 Ad

Here’s what the camera looks like in ‘my hands’. Believe me, it is very hard to make a ‘free-hand select region’ even on a tablet. I know it’s going too far to remove my hand and bearded chin around the camera but then who in their sane mind would not try this at least once in their lifetime!

Olympus PEN E-PL1

Here are two photos of a 'butterfly’ taken at different ‘Color Temperatures’ or as the technical jargon goes: different ‘White Balance’ (WB) reference. In fact, the latter one has WB reference set to the wall of my apartment and is almost the same ‘white’ which is seen by my eyes! Anyway, the colors are as bright as the real thing and as good as the former one shot using the Pop Art Scene (A1) mode which is supposed to pop out the colors.



This one was shot with flash on to remove the shadows. The flash has screwed up the WB, I guess.


Two shots of a cloudy day with different WB: (Which one do you think is more pleasing to the eyes?)

Cloudy Day-1

Cloudy Day-2

Two shots of snow-covered leaves. First with iAuto mode and Second with A1 mode (The colors do pop out!):



Snowy Night Scene

iAuto mode with tweaked WB:


iAuto (Brighten the bright areas):


iAuto (Darken the dark areas):


Flash on in iAuto / Shutter Priority modes (with different WB) to show that snow is actually falling (which is also visible in shots above only if you stare at them long enough till you eyes start glazing over):




A clear night shot just after sunset where blue (or what is left of it) of the sky looks as good here as it looked to the eyes! Also, the Image Stabilization (IS) works well and couple it with the 2s lag between pressing the shutter button and the picture actually being taken, it’s theoretically brilliant. But it didn’t make much difference in practice!

Clear Night

Anyway, I leave you with the

Actual-size Photos


  1. This is a really nice post, the comparisons are really informative.

    Knowing (somewhat) your skills with plots, though, I was surprised not to see more detailed image analysis :D

    Maybe a few histogram plots in the next post?

  2. First of all, Welcome Back!

    Second of all, Image Analysis is not really my forté... Though, squeezing out histograms from the camera or image for my posts may not be a bad idea. I'll give it a go in some post sooner or later!

    Last of all, Thanks for relieving the dry-spell of comments on my blog!