Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Year’s Accomplishments

People talk about New Year’s Resolutions, let me talk about my Old Year’s Accomplishments. I thought I’d make a list ordered by month like this one. But then I realized I do not have so many ‘accomplishments’ to boast about in this post! Well, what the hell? I’ll do it anyway…

January: Don’t remember any…

February: Don’t remember any… (Maybe I completed the 50th level of Microsoft Blackboard game in this month!)

March: It was a rainy day. I wasn’t expecting it would last 10, no 15, well make it 20 minutes! That conversation makes for some memorable moments. [?]

April: It was a cold day. I wasn’t expecting it would be fun! Searching for a restroom in the Central Park… Seeing fossils up-close for the first time... Eating south-Indian dish after walking miles… Having a couple think we’re making fun of them when we’re talking Physics just because ‘someone’ couldn’t stop giggling! On a lighter note, I wrote my first Parody Paper. [Picasa, Publications, Extras]

May: It was a sunny day. I wasn’t expecting it would last so long! Completed my first Time-Lapse Video. And also changed my room, which is definitely an accomplishment. [YouTube]

June: Don’t remember any…

July: It was a boring day. I wasn’t expecting it would be so immersing! Made a 2D surface visualizing program. [iCPPs, YouTube]

August: It was an exciting day. I wasn’t expecting it would work out so smoothly! Converted the compilation of my Sudoku Solver 6.5 & AcBook 3.9 from .exe to .jar and got it zeta-tested successfully. [AB3.9]

September: Don’t remember any…

October: (Going to meet family members and roaming around India & Nepal most probably does not count as an accomplishment… definitely NOT!) It was a busy day. I wasn’t expecting it would be so cumbersome. I completed my own Unicode-based Keyboard Layout to input Greek characters, Mathematical symbols and various accents directly from the physical keyboard. It is mostly based on my advisor’s keyboard layout shown below: [Extras, Flickr, Picasa]

Warren's Keyboard Layout

November: (Celebrating Diwali with family also does not count as an accomplishment.) It was an enlightening day. I wasn’t expecting it would be so simple! Realized what I was doing wrong and also the correct way to do it almost simultaneously. The trick was to concentrate on one hoop even if there were more and let symmetry take care of everything else! Also, upgraded SS 6.5 to SS 6.6 and made it ready for consumption. (Nobody consumes it is another matter!) [Research, SS6.6, YouTube]

December: It was an exhausting day. I wasn’t expecting it would be such a great learning experience. Figured out the differences between bitmap & vector graphics formats. The difference is seen at 800% zoom. My grammar & sentence construction skills leave a lot to be desired. After umpteenth corrections, my 1st (& 2nd & 3rd & 4th & 5th) paper of this year was put on arXiv. [Preprints, Publications]

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t linked to the ‘proofs’ of my accomplishments above. It’s just that it is an incomplete list and I’ve certainly missed some. So, instead of linking specifically to those mentioned above, I’ll post ‘categorical’ links below where even my future accomplishments would more or less appear now & then. Enjoy and Happy New Year 2011!!! (If you squint just right, you can see the Number 23 appearing here also.)

Anyway, here are numerous end-of-the-post-links which appeared above in [You’re wondering about these, weren’t you?]:

Preprints; Publications; Research; Extras;

YouTube; Picasa; Flickr;

SS6.6; AB3.9; iCPPs.

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