Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

So what?

Apparently, some people don’t say, “So What?” and go along with others to parties, uh… I don’t know what else they do. But another ridiculous thing they indulge in is making resolutions:

Before I start to get self-aware, let me just wish you a very Happy New Year and point you to the photos of my recent

NYC trip


  1. You are a minority if you called making resolutions a 'ridiculous thing'. All the examples are for the betterment, so what's the harm?

    Anyways, 'self awareness' is a must :)

  2. You also became a minority when you commented here. No harm as such, but I do genuinely think calling these examples 'resolutions' is ridiculous.

    Not too much, though! If you get too 'self-aware', you start taking yourself seriously and that's a really bad deal! :)