Sunday, January 29, 2012


Someone from India landed on my blog searching for “why life is so bad shayari”:

why life is so bad shayari

How ridiculous is that? (S)He should have searched for “why life is shayari”. An example sher to illustrate this point (have a look at the tab titled ‘Shayari’ above before reading further!):

तुम्हारी सोच के साँचे में ढल भी सकता था,
वो आदमी ही था इक दिन बदल भी सकता था।

Tumhari soch ke saanche mein dhal bhi sakta tha,
wo aadmi hi tha ik din badal bhi sakta tha.

Could have shaped in the mould of your thoughts,
Being a human, he could have been eventually cast.

-राजीव भरोल (Rajeev Bharol)

Sorry for pretending to be sophisticated. If you want to witness real sophistication, watch Sora as she teaches Natsumi what it means to be highly sophisticated!

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