Sunday, May 1, 2011

(Re)Learning Forgotten Tricks

This post is sort of a continuation of this post about my ‘new’ camera.

So what have I learnt in all these past months? I’ve gotten some hang on the use of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure Compensation, Flash, Art filter effects, Histogram, etc. My post title refers to the fact that I learn the ‘trick’ in the morning and forget it when I’m shooting photos in the evening and realize at night that I should have used the trick I learnt earlier in the morning to shoot those photos I shot in the evening. That’s why, I don’t think I'll ever be able to achieve everything just right manually! I’ve also started appreciating the need for a telephoto zoom lens so am thinking of buying a Panasonic 45-200mm μ4/3 Lens. These are all the practical stuffs that have been keeping me busy.

One of the theoretical aspect of photography I finally understood was: Why do smaller apertures (larger f-numbers) give greater field of depth and larger apertures (smaller f-numbers) give shallower field of depth? [First of all let me rant: Why the hell are f-numbers inversely related to aperture sizes? Couldn’t they come up with a proportionality scheme? This scheme confuses the hell out of me! OK, now let’s get back on track…] I’m not going to spell out the answer but will give a hint: Make a ray diagram with different aperture sizes, you’ll get it and when it clicks (maybe after a μsec or a week) you’ll be the happiest person alive at that moment!

Anyway, lets start with the photo show for which we’ve all gathered here (at least I’ve!). First of all, let me demonstrate the 6 Art Filters of E-PL1 [I should’ve done this in the last post already but better date than fever!]:







Today’s post is basically devoted to Springtime, specifically Sakura (not a girl). So lets start with an iAuto Photo:


Lets cool this photo:


Different exposure settings:


As SD expected Histograms in such posts, here they are:


A pretty artistic shot:

Lonely Branch

bent into a 180° polorama:

Bent Branch

A grazing goose:


Shot 14 photos in continuous burst mode [I guess the theoretical speed is 3 fps but in reality it would be somewhere between 2 & 3 (maybe ‘e’) and if you keep on pressing the shutter, it will definitely get below 1 fps due to the simple fact that writing on the memory card does take finite amount of time.] and combined them into a panorama [MICE is too damn fast in showing up the stitched result but took nearly 5 minutes in saving the file! PoloramaG is better in this respect as it takes most of the time in transformation stage only. Smile]:

Chapin B Porch View

Lastly, a nod to childhood memories:


For these & more photos with higher resolution, go to my

Flickr PhotoStream


  1. This is some good sh** :D

    Loved the pics, really good stuff. And the goose looks like its preening for the camera. You have become like the paparazzi.

  2. Thanks. :)
    The goose was grazing peacefully and when I tried to get closer to take some pics, it was pretty obvious it didn't want me near it. So took 3 photos in a hurry and retreated probably like a novice paparazzi!