Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spot the Seams…

Here are some more poloramas. All the poloramas in this post are created by me but I do not own the originals for some of them. These exceptions are highlighted by an absence of the copyright watermark on them. These polorama derivatives are for illustration purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.

Having blurted out that last statement, let us continue with the spotting game. Here’s an advise: Some seams are conspicuous, some are discreet / discrete while some redefine invisibility. Heed the advise and GO:

Before Sunset Polorama-1

Before Sunset Polorama-2

Circular Terraces

Cloudy Asteroid


Temple on a Planet


Temples on a Planet




Peace & Love



World Map

Brick House

Splitting & Joining

Need a Lift?

Desert Planet

The Image that started it all!

That’s it for now! Enjoy some other

Brilliant Shots

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