Friday, July 29, 2011


I was reminded of this Sketchbook strip:

Ooba & P-chan

after having glanced at this video’s title:

Ooba’s Experiment in ‘Real Life’

Get Smarter…


  1. This is probably going to sound pretty stupid, but I actually did not understand that comic (even after reading it a few times) until watching the actual video. In any event, I thought it was pretty interesting.

    Unfortunately, I do not think P-Chan gets to show off his special abilities much. From what I can tell, he is mostly just a victim of Kasugano's antics.

    I think Ooba(Ohba/Oba) seems to have a lot of hidden knowledge though. Maybe that explains why she seems to be gone so often.

  2. I did undertand the strip but watching in 'real life' is another experience altogether. Also the strip has (in my opinion) an undertone about the strangeness of 'human behaviour' depicted by juju's dotted bubble in response to Ooba's statement!

    Ooba is definitely knowledgeable and resourceful as she seems to know what events are occuring in the Art Club and does register her presence once in a while...