Sunday, July 10, 2011


I thought I was the only one having weird dreams, like the one I had yesterday in which Prof. Siegel (finally?) bought an iPhone! Here’s a proof that others also have equally weird dreams:



  1. I never really understood why Natsumi was the one to have all of those weird dreams anyway or why Kate is in so many of them. I guess it is easier to believe that a foreigner would be weird or something.

    Still, this does not really compare to Nagisa's bedhead, does it?

  2. [Wow... a comment... by a stranger... that also on a post about Sketchbook... which shows someone reads Sketchbook... not only reads but 'understands' Sketchbook... WOWowow!!! OK, Let's calm down now...]
    Hi Louie
    Nice to hear from you! Yes, I've also wondered why Natsumi is the only 'Dreamer' and I like your guess about why Kate is in most of them. Wait, I think Hazuki has also dreamt about 'low' prices once or twice.
    Regarding Nagisa's 'photogenic' bedhead, I guess "Reality IS stranger than fiction"! :)

  3. Given that my favorite character is Tsukiyo Ohba, it is probably fitting that I have been lurking here for a while. I found the site while looking for Sketchbook stuff a while ago.

    You might be right about Hazuki dreaming about low prices. For some reason I picture her as a business woman with that personality of hers. I guess that makes Sora a philosopher or something. Either way, I know I would not mind being a student of Kajiwaraism.

    Sorry for rambling, but I do plan on following the Sketchbook side of this blog from now on.

  4. I saw Ooba's pic on your blogger profile but failed to imagine your background presence on my blog (shame on me!) as even some of my regular readers have abandoned me because of too much Sketchbook or Sketchbook-esque posts!
    Anyway, you are more than welcome to follow (any side of) this blog...