Saturday, October 1, 2011


The title of this post is a portmanteau word made up of Century + Millennium because it feels like a millennium has passed before the appearance of the 100th chapter of Sketchbook.

This chapter of Sketchbook did not feature the usual Art Club members at all! It featured the unusual (last but not the least kind) Art Club member Ooba Tsukiyo & Outsiders. Ooba starts the chapter with a cool & proud pose, which reminds me of Dante from Sket Dance:


Then, over a handful of pages, outsiders gather and some are rather proud of it:


On the last page of the chapter, we’re given a summary of the whole chapter by “our beloved” Kasugano-Sensei:


The last panel includes another strikingly cool pose by

Ooba Tsukiyo


  1. I am not sure if this is obvious or not, but I thought chapter 100 was definitely worth the wait. Of course, there is the Ooba/Ohba/Oba focus that I like, but the fact that she and Shibata play with a stopwatch to "kill time" seemed funny to me, especially with the other time puns thrown in there (like Ueno [Catfish Guy]'s timing).

    Plus, I have never known a series to trot out all of the so-called "minor characters" at once and give them all attention. I think it shows that they are not forgotten after all and that they can thrive in a major role from time to time. I believe Kobako deserves a lot of props for that.

    I wonder if Asaka actually takes after her older sister or if somehow it is the other way around.

  2. Obviously, every chapter is worth the wait! But 100 more so. Though, didn't expect 'all' the minor characters to show up in this chapter. This chapter had no panel for Sora (except the starting title shot, even there she was napping), which I don't think has happened before... Kudos to Kobako (or the editors) for that too!

    I think all the 3 Kamiya-siblings are genetically programmed to behave that way. Not that it's bad! :D