Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leave Us Be

Bill Bailey dedicates a song to Rats

Rats! Rats! Will you forgive us for treating your brethren so cruelly

Rats! Rats! Please will you give us a sign to say you’ll leave us be

You scurry through cellar and Lofoten Green Gables

You gnaw at my conscience and you gnaw through my … cables

You brought us typhus and bubonic plague

But you’re still more welcome than William Hague

Rats! Rats! Our closest companions

Scurrying beneath us with hate in your eyes

Rats! Rats! In these urban canyons

Our fates are entwined like Chaka Demus and Pliers


-Bill Bailey

Since the most visited post of my blog of all time is a poem by Bill Bailey, I thought I’d put up more of his work! As of this post, that poem has 233 hits and the second most popular post has 120 hits! Anyway, here’s one more song by him:

The Devil’s Chord

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