Saturday, February 11, 2012

Come On…

Be Consistent!

That’s what I wanted to shout out in someone’s ears after the following happened! [Again, no words needed but due to complaints from one reader, will sneak in a few words this time… Smile]

Shot 10 photos in Panorama mode from the bridge part of Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA:

Mass. Ave. I Mass. Ave. II Mass. Ave. III Mass. Ave. IV Mass. Ave. V Mass. Ave. VI Mass. Ave. VII Mass. Ave. VIII Mass. Ave. IX Mass. Ave. X

Back at home, imported them in MICE and it gave me this preview of the stitched panorama:

MICE Preview

Look at the photos numbered II & III above and compare those to the left side of the stitched MICE preview! Do you see that? MICE removed the ‘spurious’ cars from the panorama and put the railings there. This sort of advanced retouching is expected of Photoshop but what MICE has done here on its own is simply amazing, brilliant, cool, damn-e-f-good or whatever adjective you wish to use.

Also, I just noticed that Windows Live Writer automatically hyperlinked the first occurrence of MICE (which I’ve instructed it to do) but not the repeats (that would be ridiculous) of the word, which is again some nice adjective worthy job! I want to say “Keep it up!” to the programmers at Microsoft but not just yet as this topic was a digression. Let’s get back to the photo-job.

So after seeing the nice preview, I obviously wanted to flaunt MICE’s ability to stitch a panorama intelligently and hit “Export to disk…”. After about 20 minutes of saving the file, I was presented with this:


Now you are welcome to utter some foul adjectives at the MS programmers on my behalf. But, let’s not go overboard; MICE did do a good job for another set of photos:

Skyline Panorama

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