Monday, March 19, 2012


Q: How do you celebrate your body’s experience of a seasonal flu-attack?

A: I watch Sketchbook ~Full Color’S~ Episode 11 while the brain is busy melting due to high temperature (101.4°F). Once the body de-excites itself to its ground state and the food starts tasting ok again, obviously, I indulge in sketching a Sketchbook character! Here is the 6th such sketch of mine (find earlier ones by searching for Sketchbook-tagged posts!) featuring Juju Sasaki:


Ok, this is at best as good (or bad) as my sketch of Nagisa (or Kokage or Natsumi). It obviously reaches nowhere near my sketches of Hazuki or Sora. Couldn’t do any better since I’m pathetic at applying shading and that really screws up the feel of separation between her curls of hairs & neck!

Should do something about that. Nah, it’s fine! What? Ya, definitely! Someday, in far future… Anyway, here’s the standard reference to

compare my sketch.


  1. I am a worse artist than Minamo is, so I cannot really judge. That being said, I am glad you keep trying sketches since I at least find them entertaining.

    Do you ever wonder why Juju is best buds with a bug maniac despite being incredibly afraid of caterpillars? I guess it is supposed to be some comment on how opposites attract or something. Anyhow, Juju seems pretty chill, so I suppose she has a lot of tolerance.

    This is somewhat random, but the reference link you included makes me wonder why the original plan seems to have been for Daichi's hair to be green. At first, I thought that might just have been copying how he looked in the color pages of the comic, but it turns out that he had black/dark blue hair there. Anyway, that is a really pointless thing to care about.

  2. Hehe... Glad you find them entertaining. Thanks!

    As Juju once said, in a war you got to know everything about your enemy. And who better than Nagisa to help her do that! :)

    I didn't notice that but it's not that unlikely for the color in manga to be different than that in anime. I've read (don't quite notice these differences myself!) about these in some Wiki pages or so...