Saturday, March 24, 2012


… is here:


And people are getting engaged left and right or rather east and west.

We got to know about the engagement of one of our friends from IITKGP (let’s call him BD) a few days ago. I should remember to get him a wedding day card like I did for the others. This takes care of the east.

Let’s move on to a more interesting engagement in the west, that of Mr. D. J. S. Mitchell (in short, David Mitchell) and Miss V. E. Coren (in short, Victoria Coren). You may ask, “Who are they?” And I may reply, “What the hell are their names hyperlinked for?”

Now that you know who they are; let’s celebrate their engagement and what better way to celebrate their engagement than to witness their brilliance in their brilliant works. And watching them share the same screen-space would be akin to ‘fragrant gold’ as they’d say in Hindi. So here are two such instances:

DM & VC on You Have Been Watching

DM & VC on Would I Lie to You

It seems they met ‘first’ on a show called ‘The Bubble’. Finally, I leave you with more opportunities to see them


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