Monday, June 25, 2012

Companies and their Punches

Punch-lines of some companies are sometimes too punchy that they make you think aloud. For example,

Canon: Delighting you always.
A strange feeling always. Out-dated you are, please upgrade to our new products.

Café Coffee Day: A lot can happen over coffee.
Quit your job, start a firm, be a loser.

Lufthansa Airways: There's no better way to fly.
You are caught, your legs are tied. Now show me how you can fly.

Dominos: Khushiyon ki home delivery.
We have little space in our outlets, better be-(a)ware.

MS Office 97: Work less, Do more.
Eat more, Grow fat.

SBI: With you all the way.
Make all your payments on time.

MTNL: Transparency makes us different.
The transparent customer service representatives tell us all.

Epson: Exceed your vision.
Yeah... and Go Blind.

CNN: Be the first to know.
From a cat's cry to a dog's weep.

Tata Indicom: Business without limits.
Network with all limits.

ICICI Bank: Hum hai na.
Wohi to chinta ki baat hai.

Compaq: Ban jaaye baat.
Chalo fir sun lo gal aur kar lo baat.

TCS: Beyond the obvious.
Right. Oblivion.

Allstate Insurance: You are in good hands.
You do not have an option to think anything else.


The content of this post has views that are my own and none of them are aligned towards maligning any individual or organization but are intended for humorous purposes only.

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