Saturday, June 30, 2012

His Story

This is a particular view* of the events that unfolded between Jun 1-2 & Jun 15-16 when I met my superpartner for the first time in flesh-&-blood.

Boson meets Fermion (Her Nepal trip):

She arrived at Kathmandu late in the evening on May 31 and after a lot of mid-night discussions (as I’m told because I was fast asleep by then) half of the engagement ceremony was completed early morning on Jun 1.

Posing for the Ring

We went to the Pashupatinath temple (a token formality) after which we toured Garden of Dreams – a not-so-fitting name for a garden – best suited for our purposes.

Posing in the Garden of Dreams

At the end of the day, when my father asked Her whether I was like what She thought I would be like, She made an ‘unforgettable’ remark, “Ya, how different could he be after all? …How long can one pretend to be someone else anyway?”! And I thought of answering: as long as one doesn’t get caught! But apparently that was a serious talk and my ‘witty’ remarks were not welcome.

Next day, we visited Panchmukhi Balaji temple (always looking forward to visit this place)

Posing Wrongly for the Wrong Camera

after which She returned back to India. I waved Her a goodbye at the airport and She didn’t… what the hell? But she did bid a grand farewell! Do you find this statement cryptic? “Obviously yes!”, I hear you say. Well, that’s because you’ve read only my half of the story yet.

Fermion meets Boson (My India trip):

I went to Sardarshahar and the second half of the engagement ceremony was completed on Jun 15. (I’m not inserting any photos from this trip because there aren’t any decent photos of us to insert.) After which, we were led to have lunch. I found a seat beside a cooler to my relief and She sat beside me on the other side where I was basically blocking the cool air from reaching Her. No need to feel bad for Her – She is used to the heat, anyway! For the first time in my life, I was offered pickles (of 4 different varieties) to go with the chapatis before being offered the more traditional curries. I was confounded as anything with that sequence! I was told there to talk more – an umpteenth attempt and dumpteenth remark. I also learnt that those who are inherently talkative get confused and start talking less in my presence. I already knew that those who inherently aren’t talkative get sympathetic and start blabbering in my presence! (She is one of them.)

An addendum ‘ceremony’ was also performed at Sri Dungargarh on the next day. Things got delayed a bit because She thought snapping a few photos of each other in that ill-lit room to keep as mementos was a good idea! Later, She saw me & Didi (elder sister) have a ‘heated’ exchange about sharing ice-creams. A memorable moment for the three of us… more so for Her as She thought it was Her duty to ‘punch’ me on Didi’s behalf! (Thankfully for both of us, Didi didn’t see that!) Anyway, then She returned back to SDSR. I waved Her two goodbyes this time and She didn’t wave even once… What The Hell Again?

In summary, things went pretty (/ quite / rather) smoothly despite the infernally hot weather both at KTM & Rajasthan (SDSR & SDGH); the high-pitched voices of relatives trying to make me perform a few things ‘against my will’; the bulls-hit that comes packaged along with such events despite the best preventive measures and the extra event (of entering a new house, गृह-प्रवेश) that got squeezed in at the last moment on 16th morning (as most people were made to believe!).

Entering a New House

At the end of all this, three things on the way back to KTM relieved me from all that madness:

1. On the way to Bikaner from SDGH, I saw a board over a closed shop that read (in huge letters): “Funny E-services”! (Don’t google it… I just saved 20 minutes of your life from getting wasted.)

2. My father b(r)ought the famous ‘Kesar Kulfi’ and Veg Turnovers / Patties to the Bikaner railway station, which I & Didi devoured like any other voracious beasts… It feels great to have lunch / dinner on stations! (We were reminded of the way-past years when we looked forward to our father’s one shopping trip to Bikaner while visiting SDGH and eagerly anticipated these treats!)

3. While landing at KTM airport, it was announced that the outside temperature was 26°C and when we finally emerged from the terminal building, it was raining puddles & puddles… Sheer Exhilaration!

*Disclaimer: This post contains ‘unfavourable’ views that are my own and shouldn’t be taken as those of anyone else, specially Hers. Anyone likely to be offended by such views should do something creative like NOT reading my blog. For ‘favourable’ views of this event and more (including a few not-so-decent) pictures (shot at Rajasthan), check out

Her Story


  1. Aha, everything is finally clear now... Many congrats to the both of you! Super cool/cute pics too.

    I always feel that the "b*ll sh*t" in these events pretty much defines them anyway, and make them memorable. Yayy!

  2. Hehe... sorry for the delay! :)
    Many thanks! Thanks.

    Ya, that's what worries me mostly! hehe...

  3. All I can say is that you have short-changed your superpartner by being lamentably laconic in your side of the story.

  4. You really think so?

    I feel like I have divulged too much! :)