Sunday, July 15, 2012

Return of…

… Sketchbook! Or of Musashi Quality with a scanlation of first 2 chapters of volume 8. I was so excited that I put up a comment on their site with a typo, which my Superpartner brought to my attention!

How much more humiliating can it be? Well, their typesetter has made two typos in the 15 or so pages, which is then comforting at some level! But irritating at the same time… Anyway, the themes of the strips are more or less the same as usual and this strip is definitely post-worthy:


Talking of photographing bugs, my father spotted an interesting bug – a stark red specimen. It was climbing a wall and the macro mode of my E-PL1 was not co-operating enough. But I was able to get  a very sharp focussed image after 10’s of trials. Here’s that image which was taken at nearly the end of my KTM trip. It had remained in my camera for all that time till now so you’re the first one to lay your eyes on it if someone else hasn’t already seen this folder:


The photo is in a wrong orientation so you have to imagine the floor surface being the wall! Anyway, help me in identifying

The Red Bugger


  1. Sorry, somehow I missed this post until today. I felt like I actually checked your blog earlier and failed to see it but I guess my cache was messed up or something.

    Anyhow, I thought of you when I saw that comic (and the one where Nagisa takes a picture of a bunch of leaves) given your super photography skills. Not sure I can be much help in insect identification though.

    By the way, do you think that having hobbies like that influenced your appreciation of Sketchbook? I feel like that would make sense, but maybe Sketchbook makes you like stuff like that more too.

    I did end up taking your advice and buying Volume 8. It seems like it was worth it if only to see Ohba's weird dream in Chapter 108. So thanks for that suggestion, it was certainly a good one.

  2. No, it was my mistake! Somehow, I forgot to put the label "Sketchbook" on this post!

    Thanks for the compliments!

    Photography is quite a recent hobby of mine so it can't be a major factor in appreciating Sketchbook. I connect to Sketchbook because Sora's school life is very similar to how mine was (& in some ways, still is!) Also, I see some aspects of my own personalities in other characters and that helps in connecting more to the manga. It definitely makes me appreciate such simple stuff more and so it's more or less a loop: I like it and it makes me like it more...
    But, why do you like it? I mean, apart from your connection/appreciation to/of Ooba. :) Is it also inspiring you to adopt some hobbies?

    Great! Is she dreaming about how she gets less page-time than the cats?

  3. Even if you did not get into photography into pretty recently, it must be kind of neat to see it pop up in Sketchbook from time to time.

    As for Sora's school life being similar to yours, I hope that includes the limitless curiosity and not just the shyness.

    I definitely have to agree with what you said about appreciating simple stuff more though. I can see why some people would find that aspect of Sketchbook boring, but I feel like it is really more about appreciating what is already around you than obsessing over meaningless junk. I am not sure if that really made sense.

    I mostly like Sketchbook for the reasons you mentioned. I guess I just find the characters entertaining. As of now, I have not started practicing with a ball and cup or anything and I am far from an artist, so I suppose none of the hobbies in Sketchbook really have rubbed off on me. That is certainly something to think about though.

    "Is she dreaming about how she gets less page-time than the cats?"

    I never thought of it like that, but you know that probably is exactly what that comic is about.

  4. Yes, it's pretty exciting to see photography once in a while in Sketchbook... be it Minamo or Nagisa!

    Hehe... I like to think both are included but shyness has slightly higher weight.

    That makes perfect sense. And understanding Sketchbook is already a great achievement. But trying your hand at some Sketchbook-inspired activity is worth thinking about too.

    Glad that you get my interpretation of that strip!