Monday, July 23, 2012

The Very Eccentric…

Nodame… I have been watching episodes of the anime ‘Nodame Cantabile’ recently (He said ‘start watching this one, you will like it’) and after watching the episode named ‘Past’, I have become a huge fan of Nodame.

She is unique in her own ways, the way she carries herself, eats, dresses up, plays, cares, performs, loves, walks, speaks, cooks, cleans, works – everything is just so her.

Look at the picture below.

The perfect hands for a Piano

Nodame has magnetic, long, beautiful, slender hands and fingers and when she performs on the piano, you feel so connected to the whole thing that even if you are one who has no clue of what music is all about, you will fall for it.

And the next one.

Ohh Gosh!

This is how she reacts when she is under-estimated / scolded by her superior Chiaki whom she addresses as Chiaki-Senpai. Her eyes are wide open, as if she has understood the whole thing and a great realization has dawned upon her and the biting of nails reflects her nervousness and the wish to come out of the whole situation.

And the next one.


This is how Nodame looks when she is angry. She has water in her eyes, shouts on the top of her voice, her hairs go swirling and she looks puzzled, confused and irritated.

And the next one.


This picture is after the graduation party when Chiaki and Nodame start walking back home (well… they are neighbours and Nodame is generally fed by Chiaki at his apartment) and they keep dancing and enjoying themselves. It is a very pleasant sight to watch. Both of them get connected to music and the beautiful morning sight interspersed with their brilliant dance moves makes the whole scenario very exciting.

And the last-but-one one.

The setting of melody

This is when Chiaki challenges Nodame and later both of them play on the Piano. It is not just great watching them play together but also knowing that 1+1 definitely make more than 2 (in terms of synergy) because the music which comes out is beyond all comprehension.

And the final one.

What the hell is wrong with this girl?

This shows the shabby/mangy nature of Nodame. When Chiaki figures out that she doesn’t clean her house regularly, keeps things disordered, that she keeps her hair dirty and doesn’t change her dress for a week, he starts working at her place. It makes me believe, at least for a while that good people do exist in the world.

Watching Nodame is amazing, to say the least! And this is one of the very beautiful title track that comes at the end of every episode and here is the translated version copied from the anime.

When love is painful
I noticed it when I was next to you that night
Because I know about you
More than anyone else does
That unintentional…
Kindness of yours, was squeezing my heart
Even though, Even though I'm watching you from this close
Why is it? Why is it that we are still friends?
No matter, No matter how much I think of you
My feelings never reach. You don't understand
I'm so in love with you.
Everyday, Everyday my heart is in pain
Making it through countless nights where I couldn't sleep
The first time, the first time we met each other,
If only I could go back to that day.
I'm so in love with you.

I’m looking forward to watching the remaining episodes and seeing Nodame do very well in whatever she does (Teaching or playing Piano).

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