Saturday, August 18, 2012


Second scanlation of Sketchbook’s Volume 8 has arrived and they don’t disappoint apart from typo(s) (once again). Here’s a corrected strip:


Sketchbook & Physics… Well, it’s just a mention of a name but exciting enough! As exciting as Nagisa being upset after accidentally dropping discharged & charged batteries (for her camera) and being unable to sort them out!

The title of this post is due to the following strip, where our most beloved Sora does what she does best – get shocked by her own thoughts:


This strip is the epitome of the simplicity that Sketchbook is so keen on demonstrating without being so relentlessly forceful about it! What the hell does that mean? No idea but it is supposed to mean something good about this manga.

Anyway, how can one miss our most least-appearing Ooba! By that definition, one can surely guess that her entry is not as entertaining as her exit:


Definitely, a brilliant exit… As brilliant as the famous Cartoon character uttering that unforgettable phrase:

Exit – Stage Left


  1. I guess Ooba/Ohba/oba is just too cool for school. As much as I might like to see her appear more, maybe being some obscure, rarely appearing character makes her that much cooler.

    Sorry that Kobako did not really delve into theoretical physics, but I agree with you about the Kei/Takane conversation being pretty entertaining, since it really went on a odd tangent. Do you think Kei was saying that Einstein's theory of relatively is also relative?

    This might sound kind of weird, but do you remember that author note from a while back talking about how Kuga purposely acts strangely to deal with her shyness? I was thinking that maybe Kate is kind of similar, except her goofy and oblivious antics (like in that PET bottle comic) are just a way to laugh and mess with people.

  2. That is quite true! She is too cool to hang around her batch-mates. But Sora & Kokage do seem to be the ones able to sustain her interest for some length of time.

    Yes, it was really odd starting from discussion about food and ending up at Relativity. I think Kei was just playing with words. She concluded "Everything is relative" and hence thought of the "Theory of Relativity". Also, I think what they both wanted to know was whether Einstein was a genius because he inherited "brilliance" genes from his parents or not. :)

    Ya, that's what I thought too and there are similar comments on the Musashi Quality's post for this chapter. That PET joke felt really forced but I now think that was the whole point of it! I guess Kobako is too good at parodying himself.