Saturday, August 25, 2012


… is recognizing the fact that you’ve SuzuKaze Combo around you to cheer you up!



As always, here’s that page to compare the above sketches.

If you are sort of wondering why the two faces look so similar, let me remind you of this strip:


But still I think my sketch of Fuu is much better than Ryou’s because Ryou’s sketch feels a bit unbalanced… Anyway, they both look much better than some of my earlier sketches so I’m satisfied with the hours I spent. I’ll leave you with some random link on



  1. I actually think you did an alright job on the Ryou sketch, especially since her hairstyle is less straightforward than Fuu's is.

    I guess this post kind of brings up another question though. Do you have a favorite half of the SuzuKaze Combo? Maybe the two of them are together so much that they are basically one entity (well, except for that one comic when Ryou wanted Sora to be Fuu's stand-in), but I still am a little curious.

  2. Hehe... I think so too. Thanks!

    I can not decide between the two... Both are equal in this respect because (as you said) they appear together so much that even when they appear alone in some sketches, I imagine the other one to be around! :)