Monday, September 3, 2012


Android marketplace offers a bunch of applications, most of which are free, at least the basic versions. Apart from the very popular Watsapp, the one that I’m currently amused with is the “very funny Talking-Tom”. It repeats whatever you say and reminds you of the neighbourhood parrot of your childhood. And there is the latest version of the same where the cat Tom tries to impress the cat Angela. As I look into the created videos, I see that Tom has the capability to perform the following: Gifting, Blinking, Poking, Falling, Regaining, Singing, Listening, Staring, Reacting, etc. Lets watch a few glimpses of these acts.

This is where Tom tries gifting something and faces unimaginable repercussions:


This is where Tom tries to shower Angela with a flying kiss:

In the air

This is where Tom’s attempt at gifting is successful:

Success finally!

This is where Tom is trying to show chivalry:


Can you guess what Tom is trying to say in the video? I’m not sure myself – though I was the one who recorded it Winking smile… Well all I wanted to say was ‘You are so cute, appreciable, etc.’ and see Tom goofed it up!Smile

This is where Tom and Angela are singing together:

Merry with Music

and these are the lyrics:

You get me and I get you,
Together there’s really nothing we can’t do,
I got your back and I got yours too,
You get me and am pretty sure that I get you.

This is where their eyes get locked:

Words unnecessary


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