Sunday, March 31, 2013


Those of you who have used the Emoticons plate in the Gmail Compose might have seen this peculiar animated emoticon with two faces.
It’s stunning, isn't it? The first time I looked at it, I stared at it for whole 2 minutes. Those of you who haven’t used the Emoticons plate while typing in ‘Rich Formatting’ in the old compose mode where the Emojis were sub-divided in a horizontal row, you might wish to switch back to Old Compose for once to see how it looked as we will not have that option after the end of this month. In the ‘New’ Compose mode we have them divided vertically and there is Shift-click for people like me who want to use multiple Emojis at the same time. Here are some smileys* that I find interesting and amusing:
A hand asking for a high-five:
A punch coming straight to your face:
I’m a disco dancer:
We are the cheer girls:
O… I’m so enjoying this massage:
and many more.
Coming back to our old smiley: the hug, if you noticed, was for a brief span of time. Would it not have looked good had the two faces stayed together for a slightly longer period of time? [Yes, i see you nodding your head Smile with tongue out]. I expressed my dis-satisfaction to Him too and he just picked out one frame from that file and sent it to me which looked like this:
But then I complained that it’s a too simplistic approach; there should still be animation. So, He worked on the emoji once again and sent me this beautiful thing (which He describes as a low-res shit Winking smile):
where as you can see the left face is unable to control its laughter and the right face is so exhilarated that it doesn’t want to leave the company. Anyway, it was Holi time this week and we hope you all have had a good one.
* The interpretations of the smileys are the thoughts generated by my simple mind and any conflicts with your mind’s interpretation are to be resolved elsewhere.


  1. ehehe.. nice one..

    and ironically this is all what is left of us.. no real emotions or hugging..

  2. Hehe... That's quite a 'depressing' comment on such a 'fun' post, which is also ironic I guess!