Saturday, March 9, 2013


So here we end it all…

…by giving glimpses of Our visit apart from all the incessant humdrum of the ultimately irrelevant endeavour.

First, a view from the rooftop of our house at SDGH:


I see you’re not impressed… But that’s understandable! It’s not shot by me. [I was thinking of asking Him if we could buy a new lens for His camera on His birthday, but I’m re-thinking now. Winking smile] Let me show you some shots from my E-PL1. Following is a respectable shot:


enhanced to a ‘jaw-dropping’ diorama (in-camera):


Still not enough? Here’s a >180° panorama of SDGH.

Second, something from SDSR. A parrot shot from Her camera’s high zoom functionality:


Third, I clicked a few panoramas in Kathmandu and the following two are taken from the terrace. He might complain about the lighting, blurriness, angles, etc. [the end of my thinking capacity Smile] but I almost like anything that is pleasing to the eyes. If it shows me a nice perspective or an unseen object and has the right composition of colours, it is a ‘Good picture’ for me.

Turned towards the right:

Panorama on the right

Turned towards the left:

Panorama on the left

Every morning, Papa feeds wheat grains to the pigeons on this terrace. I was given the opportunity to do the same thing one fine morning. Unfortunately, I shoo-ed the pigeons away and the grains were left untouched for a little while, which made me really sad. So I left the terrace and hid behind the gate just to check if they would come after I left. A few came flying over but not others who were sitting on the trees and the houses nearby. The sight before my petty effort:

Pigeons waiting for grains

There is a dog named Happy on the first floor of the house where we live (in KTM). She scares away all the visitors, including the ones who visit often. She never barked at me, though she had seen me for only a couple of days in June last year. I always feel that she speaks to me and lives up to her name by making a few people happy.

While I was there, we visited a few temples: Pashupatinath (compulsory) and BudhaNeelKantha being the major ones. The latter has a huge idol of Vishnu surrounded by water on all sides.

BudhaNeelKantha Temple

Well, since this is an epilogue to the hexology of ‘Our Story’, let us get back to it and make it a little more exciting:


Wedding Gift

This will be all. That’s all you’ll ever hear from us of our wedding on this blog. Though, you can keep remembering it by going


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