Monday, May 13, 2013


It is safe to assume you might have heard phrases like ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this before’ or ‘I won’t do anything like this ever again’* a hell lot of times before landing on this page. But how many of you mortals can claim to have heard/read both the phrases stuck together in a single sentence and that also in a(n) eye-popping, upgrading to jaw-dropping, leading to ground-breaking, yet calmly beautiful context? Here’s one that I can show share!

Before you get the urge to smash something and get your hands on it, let me help you calm down.

Olympus PEN E-P5 being shared...

Hope that calmed you down and you learned in the process that someone holding such a great product can be so calm & composed. That also teaches me to be patient and wait for it to be available preferably with the 14-42mm kit lens (and still less than $1K incl. tax) before I end up losing my sleep. Also, this video reminds me of Munawwar Rana’s  one-liner: “I don’t talk while reciting sher(s) because my sher(s) do all the talking”. You get the gist of what I wanted to write, I hope!

I also learned a new acronym: SNSs. Well, I couldn’t figure it out completely (‘Social’ was certainly there) so had to Bing it and it stands for ‘Social Networking Services.  For those ignorant people who gasp at that word, Yes, I use Bing for my normal, everyday queries. In fact, let me rephrase that to say I prefer Bing over Google for such queries, which basically means I’m sticking to Google whenever terms in Physics are involved!

Some more ranting: While Google let’s you see a ‘google doodle’ once in a while, Bing lets you see interesting ‘real-life’ photos & videos daily along with links to multiple aspect of the said media. On the financial front, I’ve been able to watch movies without paying from my own pocket by cashing Bing’s reward points on Amazon. Well, that most probably won’t last long but as long as it does, I’ll be able to watch a few more movies for ‘free’. So that’s all my interest in these so called and ridiculously hyped ‘search wars’.

Did you hear MS’s going to release a Surface Pro 2 later this year? Less than a year after I bought a Surface Pro! What the hell? It’s like getting E-PL1 all over again! I’ve been drooling over  E-PL5 for some time and now have to drool over SP2 too…

Anyway, never-before-or-ever-again, will you see me providing an end-of-the-post-link for a


*These sample sentences have nothing to do with my newfound marital status.

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