Monday, May 27, 2013

New Arrival(s)

When you read 2 chapters of Sketchbook after a long time, you start wondering if there is a new volume appearing this year, don’t you? I did wonder and so headed straight to cdjapan website. Lo and Behold, a limited edition of Vol9 (very much like Vol8) was up for pre-order. I ordered that along with this ‘Perfect Workbook’:

Perfect Workbook

It has been around for years and reached me ~2 weeks ago. This workbook has ‘exclusive’ collection of sketches of all characters from both manga and anime. It also has ‘interviews’ of the mangaka, seiyuu(s), editor(s), …, basically a hell lot of writing on each page. I could only enjoy the sketches and it felt like the SuzuKaze combo were joking about something every once in a while. It also seemed like they were the ones who interviewed Totan Kobako! It made me want to learn Japanese so badly that I ordered Nokia Lumia 620 because then I could use the Bing Translator app to read the book like this:

Real-time Translation

Sadly, that app doesn’t support Japanese to English (yet)! Anyway, back to Sketchbook. The latest volume showed up in my mailbox on this Thu:

Volume 9

Here we see both the ‘Art’ teachers (along with their pets) on the front cover. I had hoped only Kasugano-sensei would be there. Well, to be honest, I was hoping the President would be there! Anyway, there will be a next time (I hope). Then, I flipped the package and saw the back of the bundled mini Art book:

Mini Art Book

After ripping off the plastic cover, here’s the front cover of that:

The Art Club

Serene! This mini-book has at least one coloured poster for each character (obviously, Sora has the most). However, one might have seen these posters floating around on various Sketchbook-dedicated sites so not much is new here from that perspective. BUT holding these in your hand and ‘feeling’ the colours of the Art Club is an exhilarating experience for sure. I almost forgot to breathe, which happened while I was browsing through the Workbook too. One would guess, I’d have learnt my lesson!

I was able to understand a few strips: Ooba comes in the art room with very long hair and ‘asks’ Kokage & Sora what to do about them. Sora shows her to wrap her hair around the face and tie a knot below the chin (something like this)! Then, all of them do that and Kasugano-sensei gets the shock of her life. I think in this volume at least 2 events (I mean those that span the whole chapter) happen in the art club: one where they play some sort of a game where others guess what one has drawn and another where they have a night-out (like in anime’s 6th episode). There are many pages devoted to Sora hanging out with Takane & Kei. Hilarious scenes there! There’s also summer festival to look forward to with some of them in Yukata. Mention of Asaka’s strength crops up again and both Negishi & President have to acknowledge her! That strip is more jaw-dropping than hilarious. Smile

So that’s more or less a review of the latest volume and looking forward to the translations, whenever Musashi Quality picks it up. Ending this post with the slight diversion above:

Tiled Front of NL620

Update: It seems the regular edition of Vol9 has Kasugano-sensei and President on the front cover (along with P-chan & Mike)!


  1. That special edition cover and art book look pretty awesome. You were definitely lucky to be able to buy the limited edition version of volume 9. It sounds like it went out of print pretty quickly. Which version of the cover art (the limited edition or the regular one) do you like best?

    I am definitely looking forward to that Ooba-centered strip, though basically everything you described sounds like it will be entertaining. Feel free to post any other strips that seem particularly interesting to you.

    I wonder if Ooba will be on the cover of volume 10 (if it ends up existing) or if Kobako will choose to go with some of the art club alums or someone else. On a sort of related note, is a sort of Sketchbook focused blog that I maintain from time to time. Admittedly, it is not super exciting though.

  2. There were 5-6 copies of limited edition available till the release date but just after a day of that, there was none available! I like the regular edition's cover art better simply because it has the President.

    There isn't any good excuse why I haven't posted snapshots already! Being lazy, I guess... I'll definitely share some soon.

    I definitely want her to be on the next cover. Maybe the 10th special edition has both President & Ooba!

    Thanks for sharing your blog. Seeing this blog mentioned there was exciting enough! :D Exciting or not, am adding it to my list of feeds (for the occasional images & posters). I liked that poster (even if it's low-res) which has every character in a picnic setting.