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Ok, Let’s get started with a Ghazal whose radif (rhyming end-phrase) is:

आपके शहर में (In your City)

तोड़ कर हर कसम आपके शहर में
आ गए आज हम आपके शहर में

Tod kar har kasam aapke shahar mein
Aa gaye aaj ham aapke shahar mein

Ignoring all the vows made in your city
I am here again once more in your city

एक न एक दिन मुलाक़ात हो जाएगी
आते रहते हैं हम आपके शहर में

Ek na ek din mulaaqaat ho jaayegi
Aate rahte hain ham aapke shahar mein

Will meet you one day or the other
I regularly go on a tour in your city

जो मेरे आंसुओं का लिखा पढ़ सके
लोग ऐसे हैं कम आपके शहर में

Jo mere aansuon ka likha padh sake
Log aise hain kam aapke shahar mein

Those people who can read my tears
Very few seemingly exist in your city

हो के वो रह गया आपके शहर का
जिसने रखा कदम आपके शहर में

Ho ke woh rah gaya aapke shahar ka
Jisne rakha kadam aapke shahar mein

One gets mesmerized by your city
Who steps even once in your city

ये तमन्ना है 'अंजुम' चलेंगे कभी
आपके साथ हम आपके शहर में

Ye tamanna hai ‘Anjum’ chalenge kabhi
Aapke saath ham aapke shahar mein

It is my sincerest Desire ‘Anjum’
To walk beside You in your city

–अंजुम रहबर (Anjum Rahbar)

I hope the last Sher becomes a reality for me and her in the future. Not like this screenshot of a file’s metadata though!


Anyway, here is the video where you can hear the full Ghazal

(the link below to WWKBH is necessary due to SAB TV’s copyrights)

and more

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