Monday, October 7, 2013


What’s the most hated thing in this world?

Waiting for someone / something.

End of story / No story.

Basically, Waiting for Sketchbook’s Scanlation to Progress.

So, in the meantime, here are some more page-shots from its newest volume.


I guess everyone who uses chopsticks has suffered from this sort of uneven breaking at some time or other.

Three, Really?

What is Hazuki expecting out of simultaneous use of three tea packets, anyway?


Asaka, the trump card of the Art Club, as always! Smile


There is a right way of viewing a Kaleidoscope and then there’s Sora’s!

Bug Tutorials

Nagisa is busy giving bug tutorials to everyone who needs them.

Popular Nagisa

Here’s some premonition of what’s going to come next…


And by everyone, I really mean Everyone.

Gym, Anyone?

Are they discussing going to a gym? Or is it that Sora is trying to dissuade the others from joining one?


And finally, the eternal dilemma of what to do with the taps?

Some more fun with ‘machines’

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