Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Train Ride in NY

An excerpt from my notes on the 13th of September, 2013:

I came here on the 30th of August and today is the 13th, so almost 15 days have gone by and I’m now sort of comfortable to start writing down my thoughts.

I had never thought I would be composing a post inside a train. But that is what technology has done, I’m actually writing a post. It’s so easy and pretty fast typing on this touchscreen phone (NL520). Guess what, I write a 'se' and the phone asks me if it is ‘sentence’. Hoo, and it happened again. What a pleasure it is to enjoy these little things technology offers you.

Well... I have boarded the train to Huntington from New York city (the Long Island Rail Road station, LIRR as it is shortly called) and I'm going to Stony Brook to meet this guy. That's what I intend to do for the 4 weeks that I'm going to be in this city. My sister has asked me to make the most of everyday, not by exhaustion but by neat and clear planning so that I make the most out of this NY trip.

Two pictures from the camera of my phone at this point.

Train track

Parallelly running train

I generally have an agenda (sort of) when I write a post so that my thoughts are more coherent; everything that I wish to convey is its part and there are no unwanted lines to confuse myself or others. This one is different though, not because I'm inside a moving object and exploring how to write on OneNote but because I want to write everything that I know or have come to know here: food, clothing, shelter, places, transportation, public / personal / professional lives, shops, people, culture, lifestyle, etc. (preferably by composing different posts.) These might as well be very boring and when you find them so, stop reading and comment below.

I had wanted to watch a movie tonight but my Superpartner wants to install MATLAB programs on my system and teach me a few things there. Of late, he is very happy. Don’t guess the obvious, he is very happy because there have been some major and minor updates on MATLAB, some of the apps he has downloaded on his phone, computer(s), etc., etc. Let me cite a few. He has been using this app named Timelapse Pro  (you might see a complete post on the same in the near future) and it seems, to save the videos made from this app, one needs to buy it. Unlike the most of us, he uses Bing as his default search browser and Microsoft rewards him for doing so. He has accrued lots of reward points and has used them to upgrade this app (for free more or less)! Matlab has got a new Compiler which can create installers that check whether MCR is installed on the user’s system! If not, it tells the user the correct version of the MCR needed to run the program and directly establishes a connection with MathWorks to download the same. It even tells the size of the file being downloaded and shows the time remaining, which is crucial because MCR is a huge download. There are many others: Olympus has launched another beautiful camera [as I’m editing this today after more than a month, I know of another one which was launched only in Japan], Windows 8.1 will be available next month [hehe… that’s already running on both of his systems and mine too Winking smile], so on and so forth. It seems he is not being able to keep up with all these changes and is all excited.

The weather is almost like that of Bangalore, pleasant and not too cold. I can't handle extreme winters and I don’t find myself too active. He had told me about sunsets at 9PM and I had really wanted to experience it, unfortunately the Sun goes down at 7:00-7:30 itself these days (more or less like India in this month). I had wanted to leave early from office and enjoy the evening hours clicking photos and visiting shops. I have not been able to do so as yet. I wish to add Google maps' snapshot here because I have never in my life seen such a beautiful and highly planned layout of a city than this one. I’m going to reach Huntington soon and from there I will catch the train to Stony Brook.

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