Saturday, March 12, 2016


We have different styles of writing Poetry and Haiku is one of them. Haiku comes from Japan but has gained a lot of importance and prominence in Hindi Literature recently. ‘A’ Haiku is composed of seventeen letters written in three lines. The first and last lines have five letters each while the middle one has seven. Each line should convey a meaning when read on its own and of course a complete Haiku should convey a deeper meaning. He and I tried to write a few Haikus; it’s not as easy as it looks or sounds. Read them below and have a hearty laugh 🙂.

एक गुड़िया
मिलती नहीं

A doll
Perfect & virtuous
Not found

एक गुड़िया
कहीं खो गयी

A doll
Perfect & virtuous
Lost somewhere



रोचक खेल
फटी हुई कमीज़
सिल गई माँ

Interesting game
A torn shirt
Stitched by mother

चुपचाप यूं
फटे पुराने कुर्ते
सिल गई माँ

Torn old clothes
Stitched by mother

I’m also reminded of a beautiful Sher by Muzaffar Warsi who contemplates life in mere 2 lines.

ज़िंदगी तुझ से हर इक साँस पे समझौता करूँ
शौक़ जीने का है मुझ को मगर इतना भी नहीं

Zindagi tujh se har ek saans pe samjhauta karun
Shaukh jeene ka hai mujh ko magar itna bhi nahin

To compromise at every breath with you, Life
I am fond of living but not to such an extent!

मुजफ़्फ़र वारसी (Mujaffar Warsi)

After such a heavy Sher (hope you read it at least 3-4 times), let me lighten your mood by telling what He is up to these days. With the latest update from MATLAB, He is upgrading all His programs (not just the main ones you see on the tabs above). You already read about Sudoku Solver in the last post.

AcBook is seeing a major overhaul (wait for a complete post on that) and since I’ve subscribed to be a part of his insider program, I get to witness all His buggy pre-releases of the next version ☹️. But a few interesting things come along with it too 😉. For example, today I received a compiled .exe file and when I tried to run the program at my end, it refused to ‘add’ my “preferences” and quit. He was confused about this behaviour for a while but when He figured it out, we had a ROFL time. The discovery that MATLAB added His own “preferences” while compiling the program was new(s) to Him (it was fixed in no time though).

ExpenSplit has two main changes as you can read here. The GUI basically looks more neat with all the auxiliary functionalities added at the top as a toolbar. Also, one can resize the two important tables so as to look at more / less records. That’s pretty much it. Do try the ExpenSplit from here and your feedback will be welcome.

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