Sunday, March 6, 2016

Initiation Rights

Ok, let’s get the jokes out of the way and concentrate on the teaser I left on this post. MATLAB R2016a has been released! And that can mean only one thing here. I will update all of my programs listed in the tabs above (& more) and talk about those updates in some short and long posts over the next few months. This will annoy the hell out of my Superpartner (the co-blogger, for those non-(high-energy-)physicist folks) but then a man too has got to fulfil his quota of posts on this blog.

We start the counter of updates with my first-ever full-fledged program. I am talking, of course, about the SuDoKu Solver. It has gotten to version 7.1 and for the first time since it was conceived during my college days, it has gotten a significant GUI update! Well, not really, just the “SOLVE” button has moved places:

SS on WinXP    SS on Win10

Anyway, the changelog is published elsewhere (remember the tabs above?) so I won’t talk about those here. What I will talk about is rather mundane, which is that I made a new video showcasing the operation of the Solver:

Demo video for the Solver.

It was captured, edited & encoded by Expression Encoder 4. My previous videos were edited using Windows (Live) Movie Maker but since it is no longer ‘supported’ for Windows 10, I thought of using just one program to do everything and it has worked out fine in my opinion. The tune is the same as the one used in SS 6.6’s demo video and that credit still goes to Wolfram Tones. Though it would be nice if they could tighten their belt and spend one evening to upgrade their website to 2016 standards and not keep using those of 2016 BC.

Scratching my head over how to end this post, I just decided to leave you with the small (re-written) manual:

SuDoKu Solver Manual

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