Thursday, December 29, 2016

Filler Posts - III

You must have guessed the drill by now. We’re back here after watching Jonathan Creek and what an episode it was! Quite simple yet riveting… But then maybe I just like Alan Davies talking like that.

In other para, I’ll just show you a chart and some numbers about my new SP4… taken with the help of MATLAB.☺

MATLABBench10 Chart

MATLABBench10 Numbers

Quite good speed you’d say but does not feel that high compared to my ‘previous’ SP3 when considering the performance of SuDoKu Solver. The ‘hardest’ Sudoku now takes ~115s compared to ~150s earlier. I was hoping the upgrade from “i5” → “i7” might bring the time down to <90s. Anyway, I plan to study the time differences between SP3 & SP4 for solving the 10 or so ‘hardest’ Sudokus I have and post the analysis here on the blog sometime in the new year.

Polorama Generator & Keystone corrector are definitely faster, but I guess that’s mostly due to increased RAM (4GB → 8GB) and less so due to the increase in CPU speed, which reaches 3.3GHz compared to ‘just’ 2.5GHz on SP3. And ya, will share the updated Mathematica Benchmarks when they’re in (sometime in the new year one hopes). Till then, remember

2 more days to go…

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