Saturday, December 31, 2016

Filler Posts-IV

We’re back here having watched Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe and Cunk on Christmas, and I am glad that 2016 is ending with the ‘holiday’ season. Also, the last episodes of 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown and QI this year were fun to watch.

What else? Waiting for Sherlock to show up sometime in the next couple of days. That should be good.😉

Coffee & Walnut Cake

On another note, this has been a horrible year all year around. At some point of time in its later half, I remembered my old post ‘Rock-Bottom’ from ages ago (2011). I pondered on what prompted me to write it then and I couldn’t quite remember it. That post seems more relevant now than it could have been in 2011! Even though today is New Year’s Eve, let me indulge in writing more ‘rock-bottom’ one-liners. Hope this indulgence doesn’t dampen your festive spirits:

When you get afraid of trying out new ideas because the old ones didn’t work, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start connecting disconnected events of your life to find some meaning for your life, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start identifying clichés all over your life (like ‘Gone with the Wind…’) and you were sure they wouldn’t ever be there, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you see spiders on your jacket and throw it in the trash just because, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start but couldn’t care less to complete the sen…

And two of my favourites from the last time,

When you remember them saying, “The only way you can go after hitting rock-bottom is UP…”, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you no longer want to provide an end-of-the-post-link, you’ve hit


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