Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More on Sketchbook Vol. 12…

…as promised last year. Let’s get right to business with a capture from the first chapter:

Vol12 - 1

Study of snails follows with Nagisa as one would expect.

Vol12 - 2

Next Kokage turns into a guide in an Art Museum and Ao is not impressed!

Vol12 - 3

For the first time, a double page spread! SuzuKaze combo at their best and Sora imagining the best possible scenario during a crane ‘malfunction’!

Vol12 - 4

Hazuki visits Sora and Sora is trying to offer her some freshly cooked food but as usual, she gets distracted easily while in the kitchen!

Vol12 - 5

Tsukiyo is indulging in some ‘Inception’ style of dreaming here! Way to go Ooba-Senpai!

Waiting for the next one this year! Till then, go have a

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