Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Don’t Say Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Say…

My Superpartner came up with a grievance few weeks ago. He thinks that I don’t talk about him with people around me. The fact though is that I don’t tell him enough what I tell about him to others. For example, the other day I told my friend that ‘There are several reasons but the primary one is: Because Dharmesh is the least judgmental person I have met’. I’m not the kind of wife who makes the husband feel good all the time or bad all the time or good and bad at different times; I’m the kind who says nothing at all and just enjoys the ‘it is what it is’.

So I’m going to share some interesting trivia about him. Some of you might already know few of this. For others, I hope it is of some entertainment value.

My side of the family thinks he and I are a mute family. They always had the impression that I don’t speak much. I was the heights of speechlessness and no opinions. When they met him, they realized that there was one more. But if you have ever walked with him, you would say something else. When he is walking with me, he doesn’t let me speak. And he speaks very strange things. When I say strange, I mean that he is talking of higher dimensional Physics.

He is ready for breads all the time. When he is fully full, when it is time for bed, when it is the middle of the night, just anytime. To completely comprehend what I mean, watch Dylan Moran here.

He thinks that nobody likes him and nobody should like him; Why should anyone like anyone anyways? What a pity, he doesn’t know some things here.

He plays Disney games! Awful & Terrible, isn’t it?! There are times when I’m talking about worldly things when he says, ‘O let me open my game’.  And for the next half an hour or so, he is playing with Mickey Mouse, Goofy and feeling sad that he is not been able to introduce Cinderella to his amusement park yet.

While he is doing nothing [read anything] he is pulling his eyebrow hairs (like now, literally now!). I wonder why he has some hair left there even now.

If there was some Guinness record to award someone who has read the most Japanese Manga and watched British shows at the same time, he would be making and breaking his own records.

He has made some excellent programs which haven’t been marketed well (not marketed at all, in fact). There are days when he comes up with some enhancement ideas and you can guess what happens after that.

He has some strange hobbies. One of them for example is to read about the upcoming Windows 10 builds. Recently, this happened too


and I think such notifications just encourage him more to keep following those hobbies. O God!

That’s all for now, If I go any further than this, I might touch upon some cheeky, funny elements which we keep for later. And after all this, here is our favourite VCM who talks about DM once in a while.

Happy April Fools’ Day! Smile

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