Sunday, July 11, 2010

How do you do?

Dear Reader, How do You do?

Lost in thoughts for a fitting reply, watch this tutorial(?) video:

QI: Series E; Episode 10

This video is a great segue to the fact that one of my friends here at SUNYSB (let’s call him MEI-G) is getting married today…

Happy (most probably belated) Wedding Day (and beyond) to him!!! (If you are MI-G, then replace ‘him’ with ‘you’.)

Here’s a ‘funny’ (It’s funny to those who find it funny!) card I’d like to dedicate to MI (read the earlier ones and the story behind these here):

Card M

1st Page: Experts say that the key to a Happy Marriage is for each of the partners to clearly define and declare their roles in the relationship.

3rd Page: ⇐ Hope this Helps.

2nd Page (has two circular red stickers in a column):

I’m the BOSS around here.

I’m the BOSS around here when she’s not around.

Altogether four weddings have been the subject of two of my rather short posts recently. So in an attempt to make my posts feel rather lengthy, the most I could do is to give you some info about what the earlier three might have looked like…

…in general!


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