Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too Much Sketchbook?

I skipped a couple of heartbeats when I saw this ‘photo’:

Juju Sasaki

(Also Musashi Quality is still in business! YOOOO!!!)

This happened early morning today and then I took the bus to YITP. In the bus, I noticed dark clouds adorning the otherwise usual blue sky. This made me remember the fourth episode of Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~ titled A Sketch Competition between Three People. Specifically, the moment when Sora (the heroine) is sketching the cloudy skyline and it gets difficult for her to draw because of humidity. This leads her to think, “I can’t draw a distinct line, and the sky can’t distinctly rain. I feel like we are similar… not a bad feeling at all.”

Indeed, not a bad feeling at all. When you can’t distinctly accept or refuse; can’t distinctly agree or disagree; can’t distinctly cry or laugh; can’t distinctly feel happy or sad; can’t distinctly hate or love; can’t distinctly lose or win; …! Distinct lines are very rare, aren’t they? How do you draw a distinct line between chaos & randomness, collaborators & competitors, defense & offense, dream & reality, enemies & friends, following & stalking, …

It is as if a distinct line

never exists!


  1. between collaborators and competitors?can't you?
    Between Chaos and Randomness you shouldn't be able to .....(unless you are talking mathematics here...)
    and most importantly Pray explain the first line.
    I thought you had become a "Zaahid"
    what does that mean? Go Figure.

  2. 1)It depends on what aspects you are thinking about and what viewpoint you take. But for my purposes, it is inspired by a 10-part mystery story titled 'Schrödinger's Mousetrap' in which this sentence is explicitly spoken in a different form in Part-6!
    2)Regardless of mathematics you choose, you can not quite distinguish between chaos and randomness as elaborated in these papers: Paper-1 & Paper-2.
    3)I've explained the first line elsewhere! [;)]
    4)I don't know what a "Zaahid" means, so please do explain its meaning! But the tone of your sentence seems to indicate that I'm not one!
    5)I don't get what the last line means and how does it even fit in the overall scheme of the blogpost & the rest of your comment? I pray you explain this also! [:)]

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