Sunday, July 18, 2010

Search for Killer Baby…

As of now, people have arrived on my blog post titled Baby, Please Kill Me! from Australia(1), Germany(1), Malaysia(1), Singapore(1), UK(1) and US(2) by searching for or about it. I’m really happy about that! About both the facts that people want to read more of this manga and that they end up on my blog but have to leave in disappointment!

People are mostly led to my blog when they search for Khamakha Hyderabadi. It usually appears as the second (or third or fourth) search result depending on Google’s mood. These people come mostly from India, Middle East, Pakistan and US. In minority, people also end up here if they are searching about Saba Balrampuri. The ‘searchers’ for her have more or less the same demographics as earlier. Though, one difference is that people like to ‘listen’ to Him but ‘talk’ to Her!

Searches for the camera named Casio Exilim Z2000 have also brought some people to my exposition of that magnificent piece of technology! Recently, they have come from European countries such as Bulgaria, Finland & Germany!

However, some have come here searching for weird phrases like “funny botanists sampling” and “first sextubel”, go figure! I’m pretty sure these people did not find what they were looking for, here at my blog. In fact, I doubt the latter search (with that spelling for what I guess should be ‘sextuple’) did any good for the ‘researcher’ at all!

Traffic on my Blog

One guy (I’m pretty sure, it’s a guy!) even searched for


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  1. Update: As of today, the countries from which people have come to this page include Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA and Vietnam!