Saturday, May 29, 2021

Random May…

With the world spiralling to its annihilation faster than ever, my motivation to write a monthly blogpost has understandably spiralled out of the physical realm. Not just my motivation, many other things have also spiralled out of my control. So for this month, let me do a filler post and just write down from memory what all has happened since the last post.

I have reinvested my investment along with the gains for the near future. Though, this time, in an open-ended scheme. Not that you need to know that, but let’s give the previous post a proper ending. Right?

Speaking of investments, my body’s investments in fats, cholesterols, triglycerides, etc. have reaped great gains but not so much for Vitamin D. It turns out this investment portfolio does not bode well in the long run, specifically, it puts me in pre-diabetic category. I have changed my lifestyle drastically by exercising a bit more and eating cakes a bit less. That should be enough to squeeze out a few more years I guess. We’ll see…

I have a paper out on arXiv with a collaborator from IMSc (let’s call him AM). Well, two versions already in less than two weeks because we didn’t realize in the first version that the symmetry transformations were really Z₃ and not Z₂. But it doesn’t change any of the main results so all is well and good.

SQED₂ Discriminant Locus

I have bought a domain name just to get a feel of what it’s like. It’s ‘’ and click here to go there. And I can reveal that it’s over-rated. Well, because I’m not a business so doesn’t really make much sense but whatever.

We watched the award-winning animated movie Soul. And it was so ul-species-ist. Do animals not have soul? The whole movie showed just one cat soul, like an untouchable going up that escalator thingy all alone! And how the hell did that cat come back alive at the end of the movie? I realize not everyone / everything needs to have a purpose as Richard Aoyade says in the movie but then I recognized Richard Aoyade’s voice near 70 minutes’ mark when he says “So Basic!” like no one else can. With the correct combination of sarcasm, condescension, disgust and deadpan delivery. Liked the music too. 3 Stars. And ∞ stars to RA for brightening my soul with that single phrase.

As is well-known, W. Bengal is not under lockdown or curfew but just a lot of very specific restrictions, like no public movement between 9PM and 5AM and no educational institutions, offices, etc. to open for the next two weeks. Almost no restrictions if you deal with essential items like groceries, sweets, jewellery, sarees and medicines. Enjoy these restrictive times till they last. They might not be around long till the next pandemic, which may appear next after 5 years on 06-02-26! Who knows? [Hey, this is my prediction for the next world-changing catastrophe… please someone bring this post to limelight appropriately if and when required.]

Amid the pandemic, W. Bengal was hit by a cyclonic storm named Yaas. As in, Yaas, thaa’s whaa’s we do. It caused havoc near the Odisha-Bengal coastline. The inland areas were spared this time. The most damage it did near our house was stripping the nearby Gulmohar tree of most of its flowers because not even the road in front of our house was water-logged at any time during the two-days of the storm.

Wars! Battles! Skirmishes! Yes, the fun topic of China-Taiwan, Israel-Palestine, Delhi-W. Bengal, Black-White, Allopathy-Ayurpathy, Idiocy-Stupidity, Intelligence-Learnedness, Real-Fake. As I see it, the resolution to all this is the annihilation of the whole world. Not just those two things, but everything. A clean slate or plate. The story of Noah’s ark without Noah or his Ark. The story of Dr. Stone without Senku or Dr. Xeno. That would be so soul fulfilling. I can’t wait enough for it to happen. Maybe leave Japan out of all this, just because Eiichiro Oda can complete One Piece, even though I won’t get to see that finale. But then, this is not the time to be selfish.

I believe that’s all that happened in the past month or so. I am reminded of one of Dr. Indori’s Sher about giving advice:

शराब पी के बड़े तजरबे हुए हैं हमें
शरीफ़ लोगों को हम मशवरा नहीं देंगे

Sharaab pi ke bade tajarbe hue hain hamein
Shareef logon ko ham mashwara nahin denge

Having wine has granted me great experiences
I won’t be giving any gentlemen my suggestions

राहत इंदौरी (Rahat Indori)

Let us end this post with a grand recital of Ghazals by

Shakeel Azmi

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